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Well, it feels like it, anyway. The last post was a link to that City Paper interview and even then, that came out like…two weeks ago?

Stuff has really conspired to keep me from updating the blog. House-sitting a couple of weeks back combined with my new 5 day a week work schedule at the temp job I’m at (OsCorp, basically). But I need to keep up with this. So real content will come, I promise. In the mean time, let’s catch up.

  • Got the first three Scott Pilgrim collections in preparation for the movie and holy crap I have been missing out. I’m ordering the last three off Amazon as soon as I get my next paycheck. I really love how O’Malley perfectly merges the insane cartoon stuff with the beautiful character work. The characters all feel like real people, except they can travel through dreams and have impromptu music battles. I’m pretty excited for the movie.
  • The Baltimore Comic Con is at the end of August! All these people will be there! I’ve been going to Baltimore Con since its second year at a like…Days Inn or something. I look forward to it every year like Christmas, it’s just a ton of fun. There’s cheap comics to be had, famous comic book people to chat with/get sketches from and, if we’re lucky, the Fat Fanny Pack Spider-Man cosplayer.
  • You probably saw this if you follow me on Twitter, but Friend of The Hive and local living skeleton Mike Pfieffer and I got bored and ended up chronicling the day to day of COBRA temps via twitter.
  • The new Transformers figures are out in full force and ohman they made an Autobot muscle car and it rules. You can see some very good pictures of it here.

That’s really about it? I’m hitting up Bengie’s drive-in tonight to see, among other things, a special widescreen print of Inception. If you’re anywhere near Baltimore tonight, you should go!


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