ORIGINAL ART, you say?

Remember when I used to do Spider-Man recaps? Ugh. I’m sorry, once again. I’m working 5 days a week and so the project is, let’s say, on hiatus until I have alittle more free time.

In the meantime, here’s a GORGEOUS page of original art I got at the Baltimore Comic-Con back in August!

Incredible Hercules #134, Page 17 (Pencils by Reilly Brown, Inks by Nelson DeCastro)

I just got it framed today (it’d been sitting rather precariously on my dresser until now) and, man, what a great purchase. Incredible Hercules is, easily, one of the best titles Marvel’s put out in the last decade and “The Mighty Thorcules” is, for my money, one of the title’s best story arcs.

The page itself shows the (now de-aged) Zeus in the library of the Dark Elves and reading over the exploits of Thor (who Herc has currently disguised himself as). What I love about this page is, not only is it a fairly important page in terms of what goes on in the story, it works beautifully on its own.I also really dig how the inks are very heavy on the page, which gives it some real atmosphere and weight. Of course, the thing that instantly drew me to the page is the insanely cool storybook illustration of Thor, Odin, and Sif.

The finished, published page

If you’ll notice, there’s no dialogue in the finished page; the action on the page is so clear that it doesn’t need it.

All in all, I’m glad I was able to buy the page. Reilly sold it to me for a more than fair price and it looks fantastic in my living room.


The Baltimore Comic-Con presents…MASTER OF THE DEEP

Alittle over a week ago, The Baltimore Comic Con hit and it was just a blast. I’ve gone to the show religiously over the last decade and it’s pretty much always just a fun time. Every year I ask my favorite artists for sketches, but this year, I decided to try something kinda different. I’d been thinking about how nobody ever really asks writers for anything at these shows (I mean, aside from an autograph or whatever). So then it hit me: Ask some of my favorite writers and artists to collaborate on one brand new story, telephone style.

I wasn’t sure how well this’d go over.  This is a project that had the potentially to sort of go two pages and die. But, impressively, the experiment turned out a really funny, beautifully drawn and completely bizarre 9 page story. Below is that story, which Jeff Parker titled “Master of The Deep”. Click on the scans for bigger versions.

Page One. (Writer: Jeff Parker, Artist: Steve Leiber)

Page Two (Writer: Sterling Gates, Artist: Nathan Shreiber)

Page Three (Writer/Artist: Jonathan Hickman)

Page Four (Writer: Eric Powell, Artist: Reilly Brown)

Page Five (Writer: Chris Roberson, Artist: Jim Rugg)

Page Six (Writer: David Gallaher, Artist: Steve Ellis)

Page Seven (Writer: Todd Dezago, Artist: Matt Wagner)

Page Eight (Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Georges Jeanty)

Page Nine (Writer: Jim Shooter, Artist: J.K. Snyder III)

Special thanks to Jeff Parker, Steve Leiber, Sterling Gates, Nathan Shreiber, Jonathan Hickman, Eric Powell, Reilly Brown, Chris Roberson, Jim Rugg, David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Todd Dezago, Matt Wagner, Jim Shooter, and J.K. Snyder for their seriously fan-tastic contributions to the story.