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Hey! So I’m going to start picking up my monthly pull list once a week (when possible). And since I usually do brief twitter reviews of what I read, I figured this’d make for a decent weekly segment for Hive of Scum. So here’s what I picked up this week (along with the stuff I didn’t pick up last week).

For some reason, I couldn't find the final, cooler version of this cover. But hey, Firestorm!

Brightest Day #17

Brightest Day is something that I read and then sort of wonder why I’m still buying it. I think it breaks down to the fact that I loved 52 and I keep hoping DC will put out another weekly book with that kind of quality. Brightest Day isn’t that book, but it’s generally pretty entertaining. This issue was decent enough. If you buy this issue, you’re reallying buying it for Frazetta-esque this-should-be-airbrushed-on-a-van splash page of Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Star Sapphire (Seen there riding the terrifying dragon thing/Star Sapphire Corps avatar of Love called The Predator. Yeah. Comics, man.)

Gladiator: Completely selling that mohawk since 1977

The Thanos Imperative: Devastation (One Shot)

As bittersweet as it is to see The Guardians of The Galaxy get cancelled, this was a great way to say goodbye to that book and set up the “retooled with bigger guns” Annihilators. Abnett and Lanning’s creative shepherding of Marvel’s Cosmic stories for the last few years has made for some pretty compelling and fun comics and, while I’m pretty intrigued by what they’re teasing for their Annihilators series (i.e. Rocket Raccoon and Groot back ups and the return of Bill Mantlo’s greatest creations), I’m also happy that their new gig on Heroes For Hire (which, judging by the first issue, is going to be a fantastic book) means they can stretch their wings alittle.

Geoff Johns and Scott Kollins. Two things that always go together.

The Flash #8

Say what you will about Geoff Johns, but the man knows how to write the Flash Rogues. Issue 7’s Captain Boomerang spotlight was great, this issue’s Reverse Flash spotlight was even better. Very fun to watch how Johns sort of pokes fun of his own Rogue origin stories and his tendency to retcon through Reverse Flash and his abilities. The Flash Facts are always a hoot, this issue’s was no different. Johns’ new run isn’t for everyone but the Flash geek in me is loving every issue thus far.

"Do you recall?"/"The most metal cover of allll?"

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special (One Shot)

Oh man. This is a comic where Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern whose ring is powered by greed, chases down Santa Clause and learns the true meaning of Christmas. More importantly, it has a cookie recipe, a maze, a cut-out christmas ornament, and a backup story by Art Baltazar and Franco (Tiny Titans). It is also surprisingly…bittersweet? The bottom line is that Geoff Johns knows how to put together a Christmas comic that ranks up there with Jeff Parker’s “Yes Virginia, There Is a Santron”.

Fair amount of crotch going on here.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #4 (of 6)

Jason Aaron gets massive props for delivering not only the weirdest story to ever feature Spider-Man or Wolverine, but for also making it one of the best character studies of either of them. Aaron throws in so many completely insane, high concept ideas out there but it never feels like too much because it’s so funny and ambitious. Adam Kubert just draws THE HELL out of this mini and he throws in some cool experimentation with the “Wolverine: Origins” segment in this issue (though I’m not sure anything is topping that pull-out splash page of “Doom, The Living Planet” from issue #2).  This is shaping up to be the best mini-series Marvel’s done in quite some time and just a phenomenal comic overall. Aaron’s solo Wolverine stories are great, this makes me want  to see what he’d do with the reins to a normal Spider-Man book.


Incognito: Bad Influences #2

I love Brubaker. I love noir/thriller comics and he does those better than anyone working in comics today. Brubaker’s a master of the double agent stories and he uses this issue to build up what looks to be a pretty sharp one. Sean Phillips’ work is, as usual, spectacular stuff  that works perfectly alongside Brubaker’s script (Just look at that gorgeous, Steranko-y cover). The real treat of Incognito and its more grounded, straightforward older sister book, Criminal is the article included in each issue (The latter features a noir articles from new writers each issue, the former is almost exclusively scholarly articles on pulps by the great Jess Nevins). Nevins’ article this issue on G-8 and the ariel pulps is just as engaging and well-researched as his previous essays. Really, since this additional content is only in the single issues, Incognito/Criminal are the only comics that give you a real reason to pick them up monthly instead of in trades.

That’s it for this week. This week was alittle exposition-heavy, but I’ll try and keep this breezy and to the point. Feedback, as always, is very welcome




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