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It’s another two comic week, oddly enough one without any DC books. But on bright side, the two books happen to be two of the best best books on my pull list, which is pretty swell. Let’s, shall we? WAIT SHIT SUPERBOY #3 CAME OUT LIKE 3 WEEKS AGO AND I MISSED IT. OK LETS DO THIS:

Superboy Prinze Jr?

More than a passing resemblance to Freddie Prinze Jr!

Superboy #3

I have to say, it took me alittle while to warm up to Pier Gallo’s art here but there are some really nice layouts in this issue. That one page of Conner walking down the overgrown dirt road, for one. I’m a big fan of Jeff Lemire’s non-superhero stuff and while I’m not sure the writing in Superboy is as good as, say, Essex County (which is heartbreaking and wonderful and you should all read it), it is pretty good so far. Lemire writes small town settings very well and he does a good job of advancing some established subplots and introducing a pretty cool one with the new Psionic Lad (how has it taken this long to get a telepath character with a thought balloon for a logo?). Honestly, THIS is the sort of book DC should be doing with a character like Superboy: a fresh take that draws on a bunch of cool established concepts (Poison Ivy, Parasite, etc) but is also something you can hand to a 12 year old and they’ll dig it.

God damn it, Land.

Good to see the patented Greg Land "sleep porn face" is still in effect.

Thunderbolts #152

This was, as usual, a good issue. What I like about Parker’s Thunderbolts is that they aren’t an especially good team at this point and their missions tend end in pyrrhic victories, at best. Hyperion is a cool addition to the line up and Parker appears to be drawing on one of my favorite Exiles storylines (aka the only not terrible Chuck Austen-penned comic), which is neat. Kev Walker’s art is such a great fit for this book. It’s very dynamic and appropriately “off” for a book largely about supervillains. He draws cool monsters, to boot.

Man, I love The Prince of Orphans

Steve Rogers and his FUTURE-GUN

Best of the Week: Secret Avengers #9

I really love this book! I mean, this is a comic where Steve Rogers and his black ops Avengers team up with Shang-Chi and The Prince of Orphans (introduced in Brubaker and Fractions’s seminal Iron Fist run) to stop an evil super soldier, a robot Nick Fury and zombie Fu Manchu. Brubaker just NAILS the espionage “we’re in” aspects of the book and does a good job of working in classical Marvel stuff like The Serpent Crown or the aforementioned Fu Manchu. Deodato has sometimes been hit or miss with me but he fits very well on this book, he draws two really solid fight sequences in this issue alone. You don’t have to look past this issue’s cover blurb of “A DEADLY BARGAIN – TWO LIVES IN THE BALANCE!” to see that this book really is a 70’s Marvel love letter.


Good week! Like I said, two of Marvel’s strongest books plus Superboy, which is shaping up into something that’s rather fun.




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