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Episode By Episode: SUPERMAN: TAS (“A Little Piece Of Home”)

I now own all of SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on DVD. Each week, I’m going to work my way through the series one episode at a time.  Dig?

Episode: “A Little Piece of Home”

What Happens: Lex Luthor opens a museum!


Check out Chekov's Dinosaur over here.

Superman stops a routine heist in the museum, only to become violently ill around A MYSTERIOUS GLOWING GREEN OBJECT on display.

This is me after a night of heavy drinking.

Luthor notes the connection and attempts to kill our boy with a robot dinosaur. Because that’s his deal.


  • Just look how happy Lex is here!

Very Telly Savalas-y

  • This episode makes a point of highlighting a pretty crucial aspect of Lex Luthor: He discovers this alien isotope that could be used to benefit mankind but he flat out says “Fuck that, I’m going to use it to hurt Superman”.  Lex Luthor being a guy who just squanders his vast potential is by far one of my favorite elements of the character.
  • Professor Peterson being a mole for Lois Lane is a neat idea. Little things like this demonstrate the kind of effort the show puts into making Lois a credible reporter.
  • That’s Tom “Biff Tannen” Wilson as the goon Lex hires. Dude is EVERYWHERE.
  • I love that when Luthor hires guys to distract Superman, they HAVE to have some goofy crap like jetpacks and flame throwers.
  • Don’t tease us, DC.

I think I see an old woman...OR a young woman!

  • First appearance of animated Dr. Hamilton. Really dig how his character arc progresses from this show and into latter-season Justice League.
  • The strong implication that Luthor has Mercy murder Professor Peterson is something I’d forgotten about. Creepy.
  • I love that Luthor’s whole plan is “remote control T-Rex plus Kryptonite in locked room”. Another one shows up in the last season of Batman: TAS which means robot T-Rex’s have been a plot device in two different Timm DC animated episodes.
  • Lex Luthor having teams digging for Kryptonite is a nice touch.

Overall? This is a great episode. Kryptonite’s nothing new but the plot of the episode itself is surprisingly intricate for a 22 minute episode. I like how the episode starts and ends at the museum and uses things they establish earlier on (the T-Rex, the security system for the exhibits, the lead cup, Lois’ basketball skills). Plus, Superman just straight up robo-murders that T-Rex.

Next Episode: FEEDING TIME (pie-eating contest ep) (not really)


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