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Hey, it’s an all-DC week! Huh! Let’s do it to it!

I love this cover. Mainly because the fish are all "whatever Black Manta"

Brightest Day #19

At this point I’m really starting to enjoy how silly this book is. The cover says “AQUAWAR” on it. AQUAWAR! That is very silly. I also prefer the Young Justice version of this new Aqualad to the one one we’re getting here. The borderline “Curb Your Enthusiasm”-esque ending to this issue reminds me why I’m buying this book (Aquaman loses something very near and dear to him).


I wish I'd gotten this cover with the crotch punching instead of the decent enough "Superboy heat visioning stuff" one

Book of The Week: Superboy #4

I’m going to keep this one brief because I talked in detail about this book last week but cool issue! I really liked how this issue kind of takes advantage of readers expectations on a couple of things (Psionic Lad, for one). I think Lemire’s big strength is plotting, guy does a fantastic job of planting a bunch of different story seeds.


I love this cover and wish Chiang was doing the interiors instead of Calafiore.

Secret Six #30

Secret Six vs The Doom Patrol! I haven’t really read much of Giffen’s DP but this issue was kind of a mixed bag. Robot Man vs. Catman was fun and who Bane gets set up with by Scandal’s girlfriend shows that Simone’s still got that really dark sense of humor. Nice seeing someone do something with The 100 though the rat pack thing got old pretty quick. There’s some real gem one-liners, though. Kind of troubling that this is the second crossover in a row? That to me says the book might be on the chopping block.

If you don't make this the background on your computer, re-evaluate your life.

Superman 80 -Page Giant 2011 (one-shot)

So this was 7 stories, each focusing on one character, here’s how they break down:

Jor-El: Almost forgot about this one, for some reason. This was good, nothing especially impressive. The parallels between Superman and Jor-El were fun.

Perry White: Man, Dean Haspiel was BORN to draw Perry White and Wildcat. This is probably my second favorite story in the issue, a beautifully drawn story about two of the best “old guy” characters in the DCU talking about the old days and their kids.

Jimmy Olsen: This was probably the best story in the book. Abhay Khosla has a pretty great grip on Jimmy Olsen as a character/concept and throws out something that’s equal parts funny and sad.

Lois Lane: This was the story I went in the most excited about and ended up just liking it “OK”. Which is a shame because I love Paul Tobin/Colleen Coover but the art was weird and kinda stilted. The story itself starts out strong but seems like it lost itself with the ending. But I’d totally read a Tobin/Coover Lois Lane on-going with a different artist (Like, say, Coover).

Supergirl: I think I like the idea of this story better than it was executed (Supergirl at a fair, learning Earth stuff, feeling sympathy for the sideshow) but this felt too short. That’s not a completely fair criticism, of course, but this just felt like a first draft to me. Wasn’t super (haha) crazy about the art either.

Bizarro: I can barely even tell you what happened in this thing. But Bizarro The Atom being a giant is the funniest thing ever. Good fit on the art too (Dan McDaid).

Superboy: This felt like something that got cut from a DC Halloween Special, to be honest. “Superboy wanders off, fights a werewolf for some reason”. Would’ve been nice if they’d gotten Lemire to write this section. Definitely my least favorite story of the bunch.


So that’s the week. Somewhat disappointing, but I think thats to be expected considering how solid the last few weeks have been. DC’s 80 pagers/holiday specials have been really bad over the last few years, this Superman one the only one I can remember that I didn’t feel ripped off after reading.





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