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Episode By Episode: SUPERMAN: TAS (“Feeding Time”)

I now own all of SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on DVD. Each week, I’m going to work my way through the series one episode at a time.  Dig?

Episode: “Feeding Time”


What Happens: An accident during a heist of toxic material from STAR Labs turns idiot janitor Rudy Jones into the monstrous PARASITE. He sucks off steals some of Superman’s powers/strength and stuff.



  • Well, first of all, this:


  • I like how Superman gets a couple of different “environment” suits in this show. The anti-Kryptonite suit and the space suit are cool ideas.
  • Man, Parasite’s just about the creepiest Superman foe. Even when he isn’t leech-mouthed, the whole “stealing people’s memories and abilities” thing is…unsettling.
  • Definite horror movie vibe when we first see Parasite.
  • Where does one pick up Kirby-esque stripper wear?

Left to the imagination: Nothing

  • I LOVE the whole bit where Parasite knows about Clark Kent being Superman and uses it to ambush him.
  • Parasite’s whole scheme here is “literally live off of Superman, steal his apartment/anything else I want”. It’s appropriately short-sighted.
  • I think this is the first episode where Jimmy Olsen is something more than a background character. Good Superman interaction.
  • Placing the fight in STAR labs was a good choice, especially since it gives us THIS:

Yes. Yes.

  • And, of course, it all comes full circle with the Kryptonite and the Kryptonite suit we saw at the beginning of the episode.
  • Nice little reference to Psycho with the end there.


And with that, we finish up the first disc. A good episode, though it felt really short. Nice introduction to Parasite, who gets a couple of pretty interesting episodes later on.



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