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There are two comics with Iron Fist in them. I’m excited.

I love Iron Fist. But this new costume is fugly.

Heroes For Hire #3

Alright, I’m just going to address this right off the bat: Iron Fist’s new white costume needs to go. White on yellow is boring, especially compared to the original Green/yellow combo. I was fine with it in the Avengers story it showed up in but the circumstances of the story should’ve made it a one time thing. Seems like a change for the sake of change.

Anyways, this was another great issue of Heroes For Hire. Abnett and Lanning keep the main plot of Misty Knight’s kidnapping/mind control going while giving us a story where Moon Knight murders a velociraptor. If they keep up this kind of quality, I’d be ready to believe that this book will be even better than their cosmic stuff.

Literally the best duo in comics that isn't Batman and Robin

Best of the Week: Power Man and Iron Fist #1: (of 5)

Just as in the Shadowland tie-in miniseries that set up this one, Fred Van Lente just GETS how this book should work. The mystery brings in a ton of characters and references from the classic Power Man and Iron Fist stories but with a bunch of new twists like the teacher/student dynamic between Danny and Victor or Danny’s new relationship with Joy Meachum. Between this and Heroes For Hire, Marvel’s street-level stuff is sitting pretty.


Knight and Squire #5 (of 6)

Cornell’s Knight and Squire has been fairly light and fun with some real emotional resonance thrown in every few pages but the last 5 pages set up a genuinely impressive twist, one that’s going to lead to a helluva last issue. As always, I am in love with the sheer volume of references to british pop culture Cornell crams these issues with.

I'm just about done with these DC logo covers, I think.

The Flash #9

Weaknesses: Johns continues to be about as subtle as a hammer as far as dialogue goes.

Strengths: The reveal on who Hot Pursuit is was pretty clever. Elongated Kid is a cool idea, I hope he gets brought back later on. As always, Manapul’s pencils are gorgeous. The Flash family at the picnic, especially.

Man, I love Sean Phillips' covers

Incognito: Bad Influences #3

What was especially interesting about this issue was how it showed the changes Zack Overkill’s undergone since the first Incognito mini. He’s become genuinely empathetic and heroic, which is a pretty far cry from the bored sociopath we were introduced to. There’s also some great character work with Zoe Zepplin and the new Lazarus, who is very much a dark reflection of Overkill. As always, Sean Phillips turns out some beautiful interiors (the aftermath of Lazarus’ visit to The Underground is understated yet still grotesque). Nevins article on the Captain Future pulps makes some pretty damn intriguing connections to Superman, and by association, the super hero genre itself. Pretty neat.


So that’s the week. REALLY strong week with some terrific books you should all be buying if you aren’t already (Flash might be more of an acquired taste but it’s still good superheroics).




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