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Episode By Episode: SUPERMAN: TAS (“The Main Man – Part 1”)

I now own all of SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on DVD. Each week, I’m going to work my way through the series one episode at a time.  Dig?

Episode: “The Main Man – Part 1”

What Happens: Superman runs afoul of space-jackass bounty hunter Lobo, contracted by gross alien The Preserver to capture him for his SPACE ZOO. There are double crosses.

Big chins.


  • It is nuts. NUTS. That the first DC character not in Superman’s supporting cast to show up is LOBO. Not Batman, not any of the members of the JLA. That really tells you how popular Lobo was about 15 years ago, doesn’t it?
  • The character design for Lobo here is pretty much just a cleaned up version of his comics counterpart. You can say the same for his characterization, too.  Obviously he’s not going around killing a ton of characters on screen but I would say its a pretty faithful transition.
  • Brad Garrett’s Lobo sounds more or less like Bibbo Bibowski but how different can they really sound?
  • Forgot that the rocket was just one that brought him to Earth, retrofitted.
  • This is really the first episode to take place off of Earth. Well, if you don’t count the Jor-el portions of the pilot, I guess (I don’t).
  • The designs on the aliens in this two-parter are great, especially Squeaks and his brother.

Pupil is the tooth.

  • The Lobo vs. alien posse sequence is far more cartoony than anything we’ve seen so far in this show. Probably because you can’t show Lobo blowing up people realistically on a saturday morning cartoon.
  • I get a real “Heavy Metal” vibe from this whole episode. Not sure if thats intentional.
  • The Preserver: A floaty alien egg thing. For now, atleast.

Not unlike Marlon Brando.

  • HEY STARRO CAMEO (I know it shows up again in Batman Beyond, hadn’t realized it was actually in this episode. Neat!)

Man, I love Starro

  • The whole bit where Lobo starts wrecking the police station to get Superman’s attention is fun. Honestly, I think the only time I’ve really *liked* Lobo was in the DC Animated stuff (Hitman/Lobo doesn’t really count considering it is…not especially flattering on purpose).
  • This is a weird looking car!


  • Love the completely unnecessary Lex Luthor running gag. This is a pretty funny episode.
  • Nice to see Lois and Superman/Clark get some good interaction.
  • A lot of well executed fights in this episode. Probably because its a two parter and they have time to spare.
  • The Preserver putting Superman in traditional Krypton garb is a nice touch.
  • And of course Lobo gets betrayed.
  • Kind of interesting how many electric guitar riffs they use in this episode because it’s a Lobo episode. The variation on the theme that plays as the episode fades out is neat.

Overall? Probably the funniest episode to date and a well-paced one. The two parter format means they can pack in fun moments and a more nuanced plot than normal.

Next Episode: Obviously, “The Main Man – Part 2”


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