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After a bunch of smaller weeks, I have 8, EIGHT, comics to review for you. Lets do it to it.

No clue why the last like 5 covers haven't been available online. Mine has a fiery Martian Manhunter

Brightest Day #21

Angsty? Oh Yeah. Stuff’s finally starting to kick up, atleast. This issue largely wraps up the Martian Manhunter plot and it does it…interestingly? The best thing about this issue was the panel of Aquaman’s severed hand laying on the beach!

Resident Evil-y

Secret Six #31

It took forever but we’re finally getting a follow up on the whole “Get out of hell free card” plotline from the first story arc. I dunno, issue was alright. Lot of Johnsian melodrama which, frankly, isn’t what I’m looking for in a book like this. I’m going to give this book until the end of the arc and if it doesn’t pick up, I’m dropping it.

Mignola! Rocket Racoon! Groot! Eeeee!

Annihilators #1

This book is really two books thrown together. The lead’s all about what is essentially a Super Band of cosmic Marvel characters (think “Traveling Wilburys” but with Silver Surfer instead of George Harrison). It’s easy to try and put that label on a number of teams (Morrison’s JLA, for instance) but true Super Bands usually are “off” by nature of their existence. This issue of Annihilators kinda goes along with that and it’s clearly something they’re going to deal with along with this great Dire Wraith/Spaceknights plotline. Second half of the issue is a Groot/Rocket Raccon team up. Timothy Green II’s art is very Aeon Flux-y and suits the goofy tone nicely. Excited to see where both these stories go.

"Listen up all you bopp...zzzz"

Heroes For Hire #4

Kinda hard to believe we’re at issue 4 so quickly. The second book from this weeks one/two punch of Abnett/Lanning and it’s a good ‘un. Gives some much needed focus on the Misty Knight main plot and throws a fun wrench into things with the last page. Love this book.

My eyes hurt.

My eyes hurt.

Avengers Academy #10

Disappointed by the down right Silver Age style cover that misleadingly depicts the inside contents but this was a great issue. Nice closure on that Speedball plot thread, good development with Hazmat and Veil. Pretty sure atleast one of these kids isn’t going to survive the next few issues.

Man-Thing is underappreciated.

Best of The Week: Thunderbolts #154

Man, can we just talk about how gorgeous the ART in this issue is? Frank Martin’s colors are perfect and subdued, Shalvey’s pencils are top notch. Thunderbolts is the best book Marvel’s putting out right now and its nice to get a fun one shot story that takes a break from heavy action and lets Parker kind of spotlight why Man-Thing works so well in this book. I’ve said it before, guy is the only writer I can think of who has a handle on how to use the character.

I just wanna frame all these covers

Incognito: Bad Influences #4

I don’t know what else you can say about this book that hasn’t been said by me in previous weeks. This issue was wonderful and Steranko-esque. Brubaker has a knack for bringing in these villain characters, making them feel human, then shows us something that reminds us how fucked up Zach Overkill’s former world is. Jess Nevins: Still the best scholar in comics.


Whew. That’s it. Very good week, all said. Go buy now.



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