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Episode By Episode: SUPERMAN: TAS (“The Prometheon”)

I now own all of SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on DVD. Each week, I’m going to work my way through the series one episode at a time.  Dig?

Episode: “The Prometheon”

He is you, you is he.

What Happens: A giant asteroid heading for Earth turns out to be a giant asteroid-with-a-big-alien-dude-attached. As is its custom, it rampages. Superman appears.



  • Because the disc order on these Superman DVDs is kind of wonky, I assumed this was the last episode of Season One, but that was actually last week’s Two’s A Crowd. According to Wikipedia, Season Two starts off with the Blast from The Past two-parter.  But since I’ve already got this episode queued up, I’ll be going in whatever order the discs have the episodes.
  • General Hardcastle (voiced by Charles Napier, who’s just one of those character actors you see everywhere) first shows up in this episode. I thought he’d be in earlier episodes but NOPE. He fulfills the standard “law and order figure who doesn’t like Superman” role  here but doesn’t get really interesting until the series finale and his short but important JLU appearance.
  • You know, guys, maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. Maybe the guys behind this show DON’T like Jack Kirby:

Very, very, very Kirby.

  • Man, General Hardcastle hates Aliens. If you even mention the movie Aliens, he probably flips a shit. Thats how deep his hatred goes.
  • Superman’s Space Suit (which just gets an enormous amount of screen time on this show, really) melting as he tries to redirect The Prometheon/Asteroid chunk toward the ocean is a cool bit of animation.


  • Lady on cruise boat, that is not a shooting star. You are dumb.
  • Lois’ offhand reference to Perry White’s explosive flatulence is… intriguing.
  • Haha how great would it be if The Prometheon ran into Metallo while he was walking down there at the bottom of…whatever ocean Metropolis appears to be attached to? Place gets alot of foot traffic ever since Superman showed up.
  • The best Superman foes somehow reflect or play off of Superman himself: Brainiac is Superman’s alien nature without his compassion, Lex Luthor has Superman’s capacity for greatness but is too small minded to reach his potential, The Parasite TAKES as much as Superman GIVES to the world. Prometheon’s another interesting threat for Superman because he’s like a mindless, destructive exaggeration of Superman himself: Enormously powerful, absorbs energy for strength, sent from a distant alien world only to end up on Earth. Has to be intentional.
  • The Prometheon’s the biggest (literally, I guess) physical threat Superman’s had to deal with on this show. He’s barely holding his own for the most part.
  • Prof. Hamilton shuts down all the power to the city for a few minutes. Hope that doesn’t cover back up generators, people in hospitals on life support!
  • So they freeze the Prometheon with cold pack chemicals. Cool ending shot aside, what the hell do they do with it? Because Metropolis is screwed the next time they get a sunny day.


I really liked this episode. Not the most satisfying ending in the world but this was a big monster movie that had Superman in it. Prometheon’s a good one episode monster that, like I said, reflects Superman in several respects. And hey, we got a fart joke from Lois Lane.

Kind of a shame no one ever used this character again, would’ve worked great as a Justice League threat of some kind.

NEXT EPISODE: The previously mentioned BLAST FROM THE PAST. Kryptonian criminals! The Phantom Zone! Be there!


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