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You guys are lucky. I got on-going car drama and was hoping I could go drive an hour and picked up my fixed car. I was going to post, you know, google photo filler. But alas, my car needs another day in the shop. My loss = your gain.

Let’s get it on.

This whole "journey into hell" arc has had some metal-ass covers

Secret Six #32

This book, man….

This was…a mixed bag, to say the least.

Pros: Simone is tying up some lingering plot points from previous stories, including the Knockout plot that’s been in the background since before this book even launched. There’s some decent character work going on here. I don’t normally praise Jim Calafiore’s art too much but the background skull motif in the issue looked real cool.

Cons: …That said, Calafiore’s faces still bug me and the book’s one big action sequence is a big ol’ mess. I’m having a hard time having any kind of emotional investment in the book and I’m not exactly sure why? Eh. This book’s status in my in box is probably going to come down to next issue, I think. Which is a shame because this book started out VERY strong.

Also, the erm…kidnapping/murder/potential rape subplot with Scandal’s girlfriend is just…ugh. Really unappealing to me.

I'm two for two on the variant covers for this book and I'm not even *trying* to pick them up. I prefer 'em to the standard covers, though.

Annihilators #2

Main story: I can’t stress enough how happy I am that this is, for all intents and purposes, a brand new Rom, Space Knight story that (because of legal stuff) doesn’t actually feature Rom himself. Abnett and Lanning have a knack for taking unutilized older Marvel concepts that’d have been sitting around collecting dust and doing something new and fun with them, this is just another example of it.

Tan Eng Huat’s a good fit for this book artwise. Nothing overly stylized, just solid, easy on the eyes pencil work.

The real fun of this book is watching a group of Marvel’s heavy hitting space guys just ruin some bad guys, though I liked Silver Surfer’s Holmesian detective work at the end. Excited about where this book is headed.

Back up: Rocket Raccoon and Groot team up with underground talking animal resistance movement to fight evil wooden clowns. Comics! This has been a fun, wildly unpredictable story thus far and I’m happy to have it keep going that route.

Yeah. So that's going on.

Best of the Week?! Brightest Day #23

(MASSIVE SPOILERS, FOLKS. I suggest you skip on down if you haven’t read the issue)




Holy shit, Swamp Thing’s back in the DC universe officially. And Brightest Day was secretly all about him THIS ENTIRE TIME? I’ve gotta give Johns and Tomasi credit, didn’t see this coming. I knew about the reveal from earlier today but the splash page he comes back in is, uh, impressive. Reinventing Hawkman/Hawkwoman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman as different Earth elementals is a really neat concept and I kind of hope it sticks around for alittle bit.  At the very least, some terrific redesigns.

The issue itself? Pretty brief but I’m salivating at the possibilities this issue sets up. God damn. SWAMP THING, you guys. The center point of a big DC event. What a world. Last issue ought to be interesting. I hope to God they get a good creative team on the inevitable Swamp Thing mini.


Heroes For Hire #5

First of all, this comic is called “Slay Misty For me”. That’s hilarious.

This was a great conclusion to the first arc. I especially liked how Misty’s signature “Are you for hire, this is Control” bit becomes a plot device instead of just a stylistic flourish/The Warriors reference. Not as much to the issue as some of the prior ones but Abnett and Lanning are writing two real knockout books right now and this issued cinched that.


Marvel’s like undisputedly got the best team books in comics going right now, I’m impressed.

Good comics week. Brightest Day gets the Best of the Week nod, mainly because NEW AND EXCITING THINGS with one of my favorite characters. I’m not going to say it was the best written book of the week, but certainly the biggest WOW factor.




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