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Episode By Episode: SUPERMAN: TAS (“Blasts From The Past – Part 2”)

Hey! After almost a year of operation, HIVE OF SCUM actually has a header logo that, you know, says its name. Special thanks to my pal Danny Keenan for the gorgeous design work and for knowing what I meant by  “Dr.Doom green”.

But fancy new look or no, we got ourselves a Superman episode to talk about!

I now own all of SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES on DVD. Each week, I’m going to work my way through the series one episode at a time.  Dig?

Episode: “Blasts From The Past – Part 2″

Cool Vest Club

What Happens: PREVIOUSLY: Superman freed Kryptonian criminal revolutionary Mala from the Phantom Zone, partly out of guilt, partly because she thought she could help the world like he has. Superman is a total rube! His plan falls apart and Mala frees a man previously defeated by Superman’s father, would-be despot Jax-Ur.


  • Superman’s space zoo gets so much screen time on this show. Really shows how Superman:TAS  is where the DC Animated Universe writers REALLY started paying attention to their own internal continuity. There’s some of that with Batman: TAS (mostly Harvey Dent/Two-Face) but its very apparent here.
  • Looks like Prof. Hamilton coined the phrase “Fortress of Solitude” in the DCAU. Didn’t know that.

This is just a great accidental screen cap.

  • I do like that Superman and Professor Hamilton do the logical thing in this situation and just ask the Brainiac orb how to build a new PZ projector instead of directly going after Mala and Jax-Ur.
  • Ooo and a reference to Rao (Kryptonian God, basically). Is that the first time this show’s done that? I dunno.
  • I think the audience is supposed to get enjoyment out of Mala heat visioning that bicyclist’s tire. Guys on bikes are sometimes just The Worst.


  • I love how Jax-Ur is almost a good foot shorter than Mala. Deliberate Napoleon shout-out? U-Decide! Jax-Ur’s animated model in this episode bugs me, it seems too..soft? I’m not sure whats up there.
  • Alright, Superman taking this long to confront Mala is …weird. Weak script spot there.
  • It takes alittle while to really get started but the Superman/Mala/Jax-Ur fight’s pretty good.
  • I feel like Lois hasn’t been central to an episode in A WHILE. They use her/Mala’s mad-on for her to good effect here.
  • Intentional call back here to the time in the comics where Superman broke his ONE RULE and used Kryptonite to execute Jax-Ur and co. That’s kind of a weak story and this is a kids show, though, so that doesn’t happen here.
  • Jax-Ur and Mala going around just wrecking shit for giggles.
  • Whole lotta heat vision in this episode.
  • That was…alittle anti-climactic.
Overall? Decent enough episode, though I have to say the first part was much stronger. Definitely felt like they ran out of time at the end. There are greater sins, I suppose.



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