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I had the singularly wonderful experience of catching the Tommy Wiseau-directed The Room play at The AFI Silver Spring theatre and….guys, it was incredible.

Poster is better than this deserves, really.

WHERE TO START? The set itself was very simple, just some chairs and a couch and an IKEA end table identical to one in my living room.  The play got started about 10 minutes late and most of the audience was drinking.

They cut to still photos from the movie for transitions (Golden Gate Bridge, The roof, etc) so we were spared any sex scenes. Right off the bat, Wiseau started fucking up his lines IMMEDIATELY.  Referencing events and thinks that weren’t supposed to happen way later on. That was awesome.


The cast itself was interesting! I went to college with the guy who played Denny and so that added a surreal element to the proceedings. Everyone seemed like they were having fun. Greg “Mark” Sestero was deliberately half-assing it. They added a new character in the form of Travis, the soulful older black gentleman who romances Lisa’s mom. He was great and sang several songs.

Travis: The Travbest

All in all, it was a really fun afternoon watching a total trainwreck play that made little sense. The audience was loud and rude and it ended with everyone singing happy birthday to an audience member. And, most importantly, I got to take my photo with Greg and Tommy.

Tommy wouldn't flip the bird at the camera. He's a consummate gentleman.


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