So sup?

Today’s as good a day as any for a little catch up post, right? Right.

So the site’s officially back, glad to have you all here. One of my goals for the year is to keep to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday update schedule for HIVE OF SCUM. I’m going to try and go for a nice mix of actual content and just brief funny stuff (How are you guys liking OBSCURE BATMAN CHARACTER OF THE WEEK? Or THE BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS SCHOOL OF DIALOGUE, for that matter?). Spider-Man Challenge will return, but probably in a monthly or biweekly form.

In the interim I’ve spent a good chunk of time looking at other comic blogs. Seeing what works, what doesn’t. My biggest inspirations in this regard have been Mike Sterling over at and Siskoid. Both of these guys post really engaging regular content (Siskoid’s WHAT IF write ups are pretty much a more polished take on what I’d like to be doing with The Spider-Man Challenge , Sterling has some great insight on recent industry news in addition to looking at dumb toys or PREVIEWS items). So, The Hive is a work in progress right now, but we’re off on the right foot, I think.

Stuff I’ve been looking at lately instead of writing:

TV: I’m JUST NOW getting into Dr. Who, mostly at the suggestion of my good friend Mike who more or less worships the stuff. I’m starting with the modern stuff, I’m about 3/4ths of the way through Season 2 at the moment. It’s quality Sci-Fi and the really strong, creepy episodes (“Dalek”, “The Impossible Planet”) make up for the stuff that doesn’t do too much for me (The two part farting alien story springs to mind). I’m definitely into it and having the entirety of the show on Netflix Instant is a godsend.

Film: Last few movies I watched were:

*The Howling Part 3: The Marsupials (What an exquisitely bad movie. Pretty quotable too, apparently)

*Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans (Watched as a part of myself and my friend Keith’s ongoing interest in Nicholas Cage’s filmography. It is definitely a Werner Herzog flick where dude’s spirit breakdances. Quality Cage.)

*The Dark Knight (A friend hadn’t seen it before so a bunch of us watched it last night. After, what, two years? Still the best super-hero flick there is. I love that Nolan tries to stick to practical special effects instead of using CGI as an easy out. The chase sequence that serves as the main action piece of the film is all the better because of it.)


I’ve been trying to work my way through Stephen King’s Duma Key, but, to be honest, it’s been a slog. I like it, but it’s not what you’d call fast-paced. I admire that King is basically writing a horror story about a rich guy who lives in an expensive beach house, but it’s also a story about rich guy who lives in an expensive beach house. I’ve put it aside for alittle while.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading Machine of Death, which is a pretty neat anthology. The quality in any anthology, especially one made up of largely unknown writers, has the potential to be all over the place, but by and large the selections have been pretty interesting and unique.

I picked up Garth Ennis’ first Punisher collection (“Welcome Back, Frank”) with some Borders cash just after Christmas. I’m a huge Ennis fan and I haven’t ready any of his Punisher stuff, so this’ll be a good in-between-novels read.

That’s about it. What do you, the reader, have to say?




Hive of Scum and The Mod Delusion Present: The Worst of The Worst: Awful Comic Book Tees (Part 2)

Hive of Scum and The Mod Delusion Present:

The Worst of The Worst: Awful Comic Book T-Shirts (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of Mike Pfieffer and I’s rundown of some of comicdom’s greatest crimes against fashion. If you missed part one, check it out HERE first. Without further ado, lets continue on this boondoggle, shall we?

Max: I get what they’re trying to do here, but it just looks like you really like the game of Dominos.

Mike: A school friendly tribute to the three breasted hooker from total recall that also ups the ante a little! This shirt means absolutely nothing to anyone who doesn’t already understand the significance of four circles on a black background.

Max: I think the real problem here is that, on Thor’s costume, the circles are HUGE. This looks like a shirt about the phases of the moon that you could get at like the Air and Space Museum.

Max: Wait a sec, isn’t this just the White Lantern logo tee you linked to earlier?

Mike: Oh, of course Ghostrider’s logo.

Max: Oh, duh, Ghost Rider’s famous logo.

Mike: it’s on all those lunchboxes and in the middle of his costume.

Max: It seriously looks like someone’s incredibly abstract take on the SHIELD logo. It’s also a testament to the buying habits of the average comic book reader that the market can support a t-shirt of Ghost Rider’s relatively obscure logo. I say this as a man who owns like five Captain America shirts

Mike: It’s some really innovative use of negative space to convey absolutely nothing about the character it represents.


Max: In all of us, there is a Black superhero trying to claw his way out


Max: This is actually probably one of the least ridiculous shirts we’ve looked at. There’s probably a dozen versions with Wolverine or the Hulk. But I can’t look at it and not think of the tiger tattoo that Will Ferrell has in Blades of Glory. That movie pretty much ruined the tattoo/t-shirt genre of “things tearing through things”.

Mike: I’m really confused about which one of those fingers is his thumb. It’s like an optical illusion.

Mike: Shipping: 3-5 days. Minutes it takes for someone to compliment you on your “Cool Batman Shirt”: 5

Max: Then you have to explain to your girlfriend’s parents that you’re wearing a “Black Panther” shirt.


Max: This shirt hurts my eyes and I’m not sure why. Should I be wearing special glasses to look at it?

Mike: it’s like I’m trying to read it but my eyes just slide off to either side.

Max: This is the the comic book t shirt equivalent of a migraine. This is a shirt you wear only if you’re attending a party made up of people you hate.

Mike: I thought that they had to burn these shirts after the cold war ended for geneva convention violations.

Max: This is some “2001” shit.

Mike: Cons: barfshirt Pros: Superhero barfshirt

Max: Wolverine and co. just look terrified to be colored energy disks that are shooting off into the barfy abyss.

Mike: They’re trying to escape the shirt. “LEMME OUTTA THE BARFSHIRT, BUB”.

Max: Except for the Silver Surfer. Surfer’s just rolling with it, this isn’t anything new to him.

Max:…what’s happening? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Mike: This is the next logical step from barfshirt.

Max: What…what is reality?

Mike: this is the web 2.0 flying disc/shitty tiedye combo.

Mike: I think this might be what girls and parents see when they look at comic books.

Max: At some point, I guess Silver Surfer died or managed to escape. The rest have become content with the whole situation.

Mike: I like the way it covers your entire torso, not letting one inch escape the grim alternate universe where there’s nothing but heads and explododots.


Max: Mike, can I interest you in a shirt that will get you immediately rejected by ANY woman?

Mike: My parents love this show. I’m watching it with them right now.

Max: My girlfriend loves this show.

Mike: It’s got exactly one joke. “Science science nerd shit!” Then a hot girl goes “WAT” big laughs rolls credits.

Max: I mean, as far as shows on CBS goes, it’s fine but yeah it’s enabling an entire generation of shutins and saddos.

Mike: It’s a mystery to me because I’ve been talking like this for years and my mom has failed to show any interest

Max: Well, maybe she should get you tested 😉

Mike: @__@